Gliss Master ‘Strip’ Hinged Door Wardrobe

“A magnificent pairing of fine materials equals the distinctive design of the Gliss Master Strip…”

The Gliss Master Strip wardrobe from Molteni & C. The main feature of the Strip, is the decisive strip of eco-skin on the inner part of the doors. In addition to this the handles also feature in this material, giving a consistent feel to the wardrobe. Paired with the door panels in a range of finishes, the eco-skin feature stands out even more.

The Gliss Master Strip has a distinctive design that would suit any modern home. To match the needs of modern day living there are also a range of different storage accessories available. With the choice available in style and function, you can create a truly custom solution to suit your needs. We can create a fitted or standalone wardrobe, whichever suits your requirements.

 Find out more about this product and also the brand by visiting the Molteni & C Wardrobes site.

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