Amado Sliding Door Wardrobe

“Classic and clear concepts have formed the modern day Amado wardrobe…”

The Amado, a luxurious sliding door wardrobe from Italian brand EmmeBi. The horizontal door panels of the wardrobe are made from solid wood with a wenge finish, creating a classic yet bold wardrobe. The doors are also an apparent distinguishing feature of this wardrobe, available in different sizes. The horizontal lines of the door give an extra sense of width and space to the piece. The cabinet look also makes this wardrobe perfect for general storage with simple shelving solutions.

Available with a range of storage accessories, allowing you tot create bespoke storage solutions. Like the Yoshida wardrobe, also from EmmeBi, this wardrobe features a classic design concept. Drawing inspiration from the oriental, the Amado is a fantastic contemporary wardrobe for the home. Perfect fitted or freestanding, either makes a huge statement.

Find out more about this product and also the brand by visiting the EmmeBi Wardrobes site.

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