Avantgarde Sliding Door Wardrobe

“Avantgarde: Cultural, Experimental, Innovative…”

The doors of the Avantgarde wardrobe from EmmeBi are made up of panels available in coloured glass. The profiles in natural anodized aluminium, give a wonderfully modern and sleek design. For a more futuristic impression the panels can be also in a mirror finish, which adds a new dimension and functionality to the room.

The linear and segmented design of the sliding doors, make the surrounding space somehow look bigger. A modern sliding door wardrobe available in a range of different sizes. We can add a range of internal accessories to customize your storage and also offer different finishes. In addition to all this we can provide a fitted look for your designated space. A truly bespoke solution can be achieved with the Avantgarde, allowing you to create the right composition for your needs.

Find out more about this product and also the brand by visiting the EmmeBi Wardrobes site.


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