Frammenti Sliding Door Wardrobe

“Frammenti, contemporary in style and a truly luxurious product to behold…”

The Frammenti wardrobe from designer brand EmmeBi. The sliding doors have aluminium profiles on the front; which form a grid holding coloured lacquered glass or mirrored panels. The profiles are in natural anodized aluminium, forming a light and harmonious grid. In addition they highlight the selected finish of the panels making it a contemporary and forthright feature. A more striking and also personal design can be achieved by mixing different colour panels together.

Like all of the EmmeBi wardrobes, you can customize the interior with a range of storage accessories. Create a truly bespoke fitted or freestanding wardrobe, tailored to your individual needs.

Find out more about this product and also the brand by visiting the EmmeBi Wardrobes site.

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