Sumo Sliding Door Wardrobe

“A distinguished and powerful wardrobe, worthy of a strong name such as Sumo…”

The Sumo wardrobe from EmmeBi is a contemporary wardrobe with an elegant look. In addition it is characterized by a very particular bi-coloured hard leather belt, which makes this wardrobe one of a kind. The belt can also be put on one door or on all doors. The Sumo is available in a range of finishes, that can highlight the belt or contrast the door itself.

A luxury sliding door wardrobe, that let’s you create something magnificent. There is complete versatility with the range of finishes and also sizes available. You can also create bespoke storage solutions with the range of internal accessories available. A must have from one of the leading contemporary Italian designers.

Find out more about this product and also the brand by visiting the EmmeBi Wardrobes site.

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