Yoshida Sliding Door Wardrobe

“Inspiration from ancient culture has resulted in the elegant and graceful Yoshida…”

The Yoshida sliding door wardrobe from EmmeBi. The doors of this wardrobe recall in the memory the sliding panels of traditional Japanese homes. The basic design is given by the frontal frame which holds the panels, giving a simplistic style. In addition it highlights the wonder of modern craftsmanship.

Drawing inspiration from tradition and culture, this wardrobe is a wonderfully unique design. As with all EmmeBi wardrobes, we can create a custom storage solution for you with the range of accessories available. There are a selection of sizes and also finishes to choose from. Therefore allowing you to modify the Yoshida system to suit your needs.

 Find out more about this product and also the brand by visiting the EmmeBi Wardrobes site.

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