Cornice Sliding Door Wardrobe

“A triumph in the marriage of elegance and modern design, the Cornice…”

The doors surface of the Cornice are available in different finishes of glass or lacquer. In harmony or in contrast with the frame, this emphasizes its elegance. The door frame encapsulates the door, giving a solid structure to the smooth door front. In addition this can also be made in a print design in the glass finishes.

A contemporary design, this sliding door wardrobe is ideal as a fitted or freestanding unit. If you’re looking for a wardrobe that showcases the simplicity of modern design and also hints at luxury, then the Cornice is for you.

This wardrobe is available in a selection of sizes, finishes and compositions. The modules can be customized with a range of internal accessories to suit.


  • Cornice Sliding Wardrobe