Gliss Master ‘A-Filo’ Sliding Door Wardrobe

“The doors of the Gliss Master A-Filo glide elegantly and freely, revealing the inner beauty of the wardrobe…”

The Gliss Master A-Filo is a contemporary sliding door wardrobe from designer brand Molteni & C. The wardrobe stands out thanks to the invisible handle set in the door structure. The handles are set at a full height to the door, adding to the ease of maneuvering them. In addition the door panels are available in a range of luxury glass and also wood finishes.

The A-Filo is available in a range of different sizes, to suit your space. We can create a freestanding or fitted wardrobe, whichever you need. Furthermore, there are a variety of different internal accessories allowing you to create a bespoke storage system tailored to your needs. Alternatively the A-Filo can also be composed with hinged doors if needed.

Find out more about this product and also the brand by visiting the Molteni & C Wardrobes site.

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